We've had a few questions about the request for help making one for "All Around The World" we sent out a few days ago. There's no deadline- we'll just starting working on it once we have several dozen pictures. If we get hundreds of great pics we make may two versions! You can still send jpegs to video@ralphsworld.com. If you missed the details, here they are again. We're looking for pictures of your child with something that represents Ralph- a copy of the new album, wearing a "Ralph's World Rocks!" t-shirt, holding four of our bookmarks- against a recognizable public place- your town hall, the Washington Monument, the Taj Mahal, Jim's Mawell Street Polish sausage stand, or next to a Koala bear in the wild, or even next to the marquee at your next Ralph's World concert. Use your imagination and we'll look forward to seeing the results!